Business Growth

Reached a stage where your business momentum is starting to slow?

Keep moving forward

Reached a stage where your enterprise momentum is starting to slow? Maybe business growth has disappeared altogether? Whichever it is, don’t let rot set in. Businesses development should be a continuous practice, or else you may find a young usurper taking your crown.

How did Amazon become so successful, seemingly overnight? Simple, it was born from a combination of innovation and complacency. Amazon could see trends changing whilst other more traditional retail outlets stood still, happy with the way things were. Surely the great and reputable Woolworth’s should have been at the forefront of online shopping? Perhaps; had they been concentrating on their market and striving for more. Instead they seemed content sitting in the 90s whilst the rest of the world powered relentlessly forward. Now their high street shops as we knew them are mere words in the history books while Amazon moves from strength to strength and Woolworth’s lag far behind in the online market.

Invariably everyone loses enthusiasm at some stage

Vivid works daily with new business concepts; when founders are at the pinnacle of excitement and motivation. Once the feeling of something new has worn off though, motivation wains. Routine kicks in. Complacency soon follows and business growth disappears. Harnessing the excitement felt during any new start-up is one often overlooked component to the source of continued growth.

A fresh outlook, a new approach plus an energetic injection of optimism and enthusiasm is often the greatest way to invigorate growth into your micro enterprise. All of which Vivid has in mass resource.

Growing your business together

Combining our forces will introduce your organisation to new ideas, new processes and a whole new mentality. Vivid’s extended family will be at your disposal. The company’s experience in a variety of industries may be just what you are looking for to unlock new revenue streams for your organisation and get your micro business growing. Vivid can work closely alongside yourself to analyse each and every option, no matter how unorthodox, in order to find the most profitable ways to grow. The world is moving at an ever increasing pace; now is the time to welcome innovation into your small business.

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